99% Invisible: Shirley Cards

Even if we think of the camera as a neutral technology, it is not. In the vast spectrum of human colors, photographic tools and practices tend to prioritize the lighter end of that range. One example of this bias was Kodak's Shirley Card, a reference photo used to calibrate photo printing machines. For decades, all of the models on the Shirley Cards were white. This story explores the racial bias built into color photography. Listen here.

The World: Travel is returning one bubble at a time

While travel restrictions remain in place for many countries, those in Taiwan seeking an island getaway are in luck. The country has been operating a travel bubble with Palau since April 1st. Officials hope the bubble, which eases travel restrictions between the two countries, will revive some of Palau’s tourism industry. But demand for the trips has plummeted since the inaugural flight. High prices and strict health protocols upon return have deterred potential tourists. Listen here.

Proof: How Pineapples Became a Hashtag 

Pineapple cakes. Pork-wrapped pineapple. Pineapple bento boxes, and beef pineapple noodle soup. Reporter Kai McNamee started seeing the spiky fruit everywhere—at restaurants, at convenience stores and at bakeries—after China banned pineapple imports from Taiwan earlier this year. A pineapple-related hashtag also took social media by storm. So what was the #FreedomPineapple campaign all about? Kai investigates in this episode of Proof. Listen here

The Harvard Crimson: New Normal

New Normal is a podcast about Harvard students in the coronavirus pandemic. Reported, written and produced by Kai McNamee, this 8-part series covers topics ranging from virtual move-in to remote activism, and features students experiencing Harvard from all over the world. Presented by The Harvard Crimson. Listen here.

Select episodes:

4: Long Distance

6: 'Insanely Irresponsible'

5: Unstoppable  Force, Immovable Object

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